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Installing Apache and PHP

Have you installed a database server and wish you could have installed a web server and php on it to so that you can create your own script to manage the database?

Unfortunately, I came across that situation.

Installing new daemon/server into Linux is an easy task and you don’t have to restart your server.  This is a good news for you, that means no downtime for database server.

Let’s start with the installation.

1.  Install the Apache Server – Linux server will download some files to be installed and after installing the Apache server, apt-get will start it for you.

# apt-get install apache2

Now, you have a running web server.  To test your server:

2.  Install PHP5 – Linux server will download all files needed to install PHP5 into your server then apt-get will restart the web server for you.

# apt-get install php5

If web server is not restarted, don’t worry about it for now coz, we have to install the PHP5 module for your web server.

3.  Install PHP5 module for Apache

# apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5

If your web server was not restarted, you have to restart it manually.

# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

To test PHP5, create info.php to view the PHP5 configuration.


Check PHP5 configuration in your browser, type in “http://<Apache.Server.IP.Address>/info.php&#8221; and you should see the PHP5 configuration.

And… You’re done!

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