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Windows Server – VM System Date/Time

 We all know how important System Date/Time is; whether the server is in VM or not.

Right now, I have one problem that I cannot resolve, Time Server in my VM Machines. Our user called me and said that the timestamp on their application is wrong. I checked the Time is our Server and true enough the time is advance by 8 hours.

I reconfigured the Date and Time Settings, Changed the Time Zone, Region and Languages to no avail. The time didn’t change a bit. Changing the Date and Time manually resolved the issue but eventually, the same problem will come back and knock at your door. Have to fix this the proper way.

This problem exists for number of days now and the VM/Server is already in production with temporary solution.

Go back to google and search for another solution, but I was looking for this for days now. Nothing is registering on my mind… same solution, different wordings… Got to wake up. Have a break and take some coffee. Go back in my workstation, staring at my VM’s settings while taking coffee.


Clicking on each options one by one, Hardware, Management, back to Hardware again, Management. Until I emptied my coffee and shoot it in the trash bin (darn! coffee drips on my shirt!) – Counted! 2 point for System Admin 0 for problem resolution.

When I faced my workstation I noticed that my screen is in Management à Integrated Services All Service Offered and on the right side there’s TIME SYNCHRONIZATIOOOONNN.


I immediately disabled the Time Synchronization on my Test VM and log in.  Check the system date and… DARN! No changes! System Date/Time is still off.  I remembered that Windows has one rule in making system changes. You have to restart the machine for the changes to take effect.

Reboot the VM. Waiting for VM to boot. Waiting… waiting… waiting…

VM booted. Login and check the System Date/Time. Yeheeyyy! System date is now CORRECCCT!

2 points for System Admin and 2 points for problem resolved.  Game clock 0.0 and the game is sets for an Over Time.





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